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Here are a few resources I found useful on my build plus a few things that I did myself over the course of the build.

My Documents

  • Kit Car Build Estimate Spreadsheet - I put together this spreadsheet while deciding which kit car to build. It lists all of the candidates I was considering along with an estimated breakdown of build costs based on published price lists and advise for the builders. It is by no means comprehensive and may well be wholly inaccurate in places but I found it useful to be able to view them side be side.
  • Cobra Build Cost Spreadsheet - I also looked at the costs of building a Corba based on Pilgrim or Corbetti but decided it would cost too much.
  • Wiring Loom Connections For 954 Fireblade - I documented what connections were used on the 954 wiring loom. Please note that it will be different for other engine.

Useful Diagrams

Click on the diagrams to view full size, then you can right click and select 'Save Image' to download them.

Hazard / Indicator Circuit

- This is how I wired the indicators and hazard lights.

Brake Fluid / Handbrake Warning Light

- This is how I wired the brake fluid level / handbrake warning light.

Main Dashboard Circuit Diagram

- How I wired up the dash in the end.

SVA Rubber Bonnet Catch Template (not to scale!)

- The templates I used to drill the holes for the bonnet catches.


Third Party Information

Please note that all these downloads are provided for information only and I can not guarantee the accuracy of the information included. Copyright is retained by all respective third parties. Please email if if you would like me to remove any items from this llist.


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